Motor City Hoo Doo Candles

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Hoo Doo Candles are inspired by the old-time Hoo Doo recipes and conjures that rootworkers incorporated into every day magic. Each recipe was very carefully crafted to be powerful, effective and work very fast. We have provided a unique spell with each candle, and encourage you to add your own words to make your spell personal.
Urban magic for the today's folks.
More Motor City Hoo Doo in candle form.
The special blend of oils and rare herbs to make a real urban magic potion in a candle.
These candles have a special herbal mixture of oils and herbs with herbal potions sprinkled on the top. Each candle comes with full instructions on conjuring-up some magick.

2" x 4" Candles Long Burning with Cotton Wick with herbs on top.
Four Winds of Protection - Pure White Protection Candle. Crown of Glory - Luminescent Yellow Candle.
Come to Me - Lipstick Red Candle.
Ancestral Guidance - Pure White Candle.
Adam & Eve - Dark Red Passion Candle.
Gossip Stop - Pale Green Silence Candle.
Helping Hand - Rich Blue Assistance Candle.
High Altar - Turquois Blue Psychic Candle.
Self Made - Golden Success Candle.
Scales of Justice - Earthy Brown Candle of Truth and Victory.
Road Opener - Deepest Blue Candle to Clear Your Path.
Nanny Ma's child Protector - Creamy White Child Protection Candle.
Money Draw - Rich Green Prosperity Candle.
Mystic Healer - Off Pale Blue Healing Candle.
Lucky 7 - Firey Orange Luck Candle.
Fiery Wall of Protection - Fiery Yellow-Orange Protection Candle.
Uncrossing - Black Midnight Candle.
Tranquil Home - Gentle Lavender Colored Tranquility Candle.
Spiritual Cleansing - Purple Purification Candle.
Reversing - Red & Black 2.25" x 7.5" - $14.95
Van Van Candle - Cream 2.25" x 7.5" - $14.95

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