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All items in this on-line store catalog are sold as CURIOS ONLY. We make no claims nor guarantee any supernatural or magickal qualities for any product. The names and alleged powers are gathered from books, folklore, and various occult sources. Prices are subject to change without Notice!   Remember - this site is updated daily, please reload or refresh pages to  ensure you are looking at the most up to date version - thank you.

All products sold by All Things Mystickal & Magickal and information written in all publications connected with All Things Mystickal & Magickal are for educational and entertainment purposes only. 

All recommendations herein contained are derived from legend, lore and practitioner suggestion, not from the authority of All Things Mystickal & Magickal, its officers, volunteers, employees or agents. No expressed or implied guarantee as to the effects of their uses can be given nor liability taken.

The information is presented only as material of general interest and not as prescriptions for any specific person or any condition in any specific case. All Things Mystickal & Magickal is not licensed as medical practitioners and are not responsible for any misunderstood or misinterpreted information found in our store or online store and in our information. Herbs and essential oils, like any medication can cause adverse reaction in some people. Do not use these methods without first contacting your medical doctor. If you are ill, we must insist that you see your medical doctor at once.       

All Things Mystickal & Magickal DOES NOT give advise on the medicinal use of herbs and essential oils.     

Any herbs or essential oils purchased from All Things Mystickal & Magickal should NOT be ingested.

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